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Terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing Camelia’s Hypnotherapy. I specifically use a type of Hypnotherapy called Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I will ask you to “play the game” and together will focus on the solution of your problem during the whole period of the sessions. I can help you with your anxiety, depression, phobia and with the smoke cessation.

I use during my sessions elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My qualification

My business is a member of, and therefore regulated by: AfSFH and the NCH.

I must adhere to their strict code of conduct and ethics, including having a recognised qualification, the right insurance, regular Continual Profession Development (CPD) training, and having regular supervisions with a regulated and qualified supervisor.

What is the General Data Protection Regulations, 2018 (GDPR) and how does it affect my clients:

The GDPR replaces the 1998 Data Protection Act to ensure your personal and sensitive, confidential data is kept private and held securely, being processed in the way that you have agreed to. It is there to protect your rights as a consumer of a service or product that might involve your identifiable data, e.g. your name and address or whether you have a specific condition. It also covers any session records, text messages or emails we exchange.

Your information:

I am a member of the AfSFH, an organisation that stipulates I must hold your data for 8 years after your final session. Unless you are a child, in which case I must hold your data until your 25th birthday, unless you are 17 when treatment ends and then I must keep it until your 26th birthday. Therefore, all records will be deleted in the January after the above retention scales. This is in line with NHS guidelines for holding data.

You may ask for your records to be deleted:

Under the GDPR you can make a request in writing to me, for all your records to be deleted. In this case all your paper records would be shredded with a cross shredding machine and any electronic data such as emails or text messages would be permanently deleted from the devices they are stored on. I would have to save the request for deletion you made but would not save any other data.

The use of information gathering:

I collect information about: why you are using the service, a small amount of medical information and a small amount of information about your important others, alongside brief session notes. This information enables me to provide a high quality service to you, ensuring I am equipped with the knowledge of our previous discussions prior to each session.

Your information a securely held:

Hardcopy documents – Are all stored in a locked cabinet in a locked room.

Text messages – My phone is secured with a pin code or biometric security.

Emails – My email account requires a user name and password.

Electronic documents – Any electronic documents e.g. A letter to your GP, or an invoice, are stored on a password protected computer if they contain personal or sensitive information.


Everything we talk about during our sessions are strictly confidential between you and me. To ensure I am doing my job effectively and that I have the right support, I may discuss elements of our sessions with my supervisor. My supervisor also adheres to GDPR.

Outside the practice:

You are welcome to share with other people about the therapy you are receiving, but I am obliged by GDPR law to ensure your confidentiality is protected. I would request that in order to ensure the success of your treatment, that you refrain from discussing your treatment with me outside of your sessions.

Communication with other Health and Social Care Professionals:

As I adhere to the GDPR, any contact relating to you, with other health care professionals would only be made with your signed consent. E.g. If I were to write to your GP to notify them of your treatment with me, and then notify them of the treatment ending, I would only do this if you were to sign the specific consent for this at the end of this document.


In order to safeguard you and the people around you, if you were to disclose that you were going to carry out harm to yourself or someone else, then under my “Duty of Care” I am obliged by law to inform the relevant authorities.

If I was issued with a police warrant or court order for your information, by law I would also have to provide them with your information.

How long will each session be and how often?

Sessions are usually 50 to 55 minutes.

Sessions will usually be once a week and usually will spread from 6 to 8 weeks or even more based on results.

Smoking Cessation is a one-off session that lasts approximately two hours.

Payment is in advance at the time of booking. You can pay via PayPal, check or cash.

Advanced block booked sessions are non-refundable.

Turning up late to the session:

If you are late, your appointment will still run in the allocated slot but parts of it, like the trance part, will be affected.

Rearranging a session:

I operate a busy practice, with a waiting list. Please be considerate when cancelling an appointment and where possible give at least 48 hours’ notice. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, the appointment fee will be charged in full.

If you need to rearrange a session I will let you know the first availability. In extreme circumstance, like bad weather conditions I may choose to waive the cancellation fee.

The late cancellation fee will be waived if it is COVID related.

Complaints Policy

If a complaint occurs, then I will attempt to resolve the situation by asking for contact with the person.  Although I do realise that in some circumstances you might prefer to contact the CNHC directly. You must complain in writing using the complaint form on the CNHCs website, If this is a cause of difficulty, then you can ask someone to fill it in for you. Alternatively, you can contact the CNHC by phoning 020 3668 0406 and they will do their best to arrange for someone to help you.

Therapeutic Alliance

If I am subjected to abuse by you, or by someone else acting in your interests, I may end our therapy with no notice. Our therapeutic alliance is based on mutual respect; please respect my right to a family life and be respectful of my time outside our therapy sessions.

Your commitment to these sessions is essential and if you regularly fail to attend sessions or regularly cancel and rearrange sessions, I will have a discussion with you about whether this is something you are committed to.

Intellectual Property

Any resources sent to you as part of our work together remains my intellectual property. You should not disclose, communicate, reproduce or distribute any materials and resources provided during delivery of our sessions or our work together.

International clients

Please note that I am based in the UK and as such I am governed by UK laws.

Please Read This Document Carefully

The frequently asked questions and related answers in this document establish the terms and conditions for treatment at Camelia’s Hypnotherapy.

Please ensure that these terms and conditions are fully accepted by you prior to attending appointments. If you feel you would require a change to your terms and conditions, please speak with me prior to our session.